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Corfu Villages

Corfu Town : The capital of the island spreads out around the Spianada, the great esplanade between the old citadel and the historic center, crossed by odos Voulgareos and extending along leoforos G. Theotoki. The old town and the historic center are to the north, characterized by a maze of alleyways and narrow streets, cafes hidden in tiny forgotten squares, washing hanging out of windows, and children playing in the streets.

corfu town              corfu town

Gouvia : a pleasant village next to the sea, in a rather pretty bay. It's very lively in the evenings and quite touristy.

Barbati : the coast road follows a series of sharp bends above ipsos bay before getting to the village of Barbati. There are some great places to eat.

Kalami : the landscape here becomes more rugged. The road turns into a track between the steep mountainside and the sea bellow. The cove is very pretty.

kalami corfu

Kouloura : around 3 kilometers to the north, a sweet little port in a tiny cove. Much less developed and consequently much quieter than Kalami.

Agios Stefanos : around 7 kilometers to the north of Kalami, a short distance from the main road and so even less frequented than the two preceding villages. Another charming cove.

Kassiopi : once a small and charming fishing village, now developed with accommodation properties and restaurants. The ruins of an Angevin fortress are on the hill.

kassiopi corfu

Paleokastritsa : it has a real picture-postcard beauty, although the pictures cannot do it justice. The view coming into the village from Lakonesis magnificent. Paleokastritsa is 25 kilometers from Corfu town. It is not a typical little village, sprawling along at least 3 kilometers of twists and turns next to six small bays. It is here that Alcinous, the king of the Phaecians from Homer's Odyssey, had his palace.

Pelekas : a charming village perched high up amid olive trees. There has recently been a lot of development there but the village still kept its beauty. There is no better spot on the island from which to watch the sun set than the top of the village.

pelekas corfu

Sinarades : a little village to the south of Pelekas, which has retained lots of charm and simplicity, with white and pale-brown streets, small stairways, grapes dangling from trellises and cats stalking the streets. There are two-three cafes on the main square.

Pendati : if you are looking for solitude this little village, hidden among the olive trees at the end of a narrow, winding road is ideal, with its pretty, multi-colored houses perched on the mountainside.

Perivoli : a peaceful village on the Lefkimi road, which tourism has not yet touched. This is another spot where you can enjoy the Greek pace of life in a pleasant kafenion. There are two lovely beaches nearby.

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